Physical Chemistry

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1. Some Basic Concept of Chemistry & Mole Concept
2. Stoichiometry
3. Atomic Structure
4. State Of Matter
5. Chemical Bonding
6. Thermodynamics & Thermochemistry
7. Chemical & Ionic Equilibrium
8. Redox Reactions
9. Solid State
10. Solution
11. Electrochemistry
12. Chemical Kinetics
13. Surface Chemistry


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13 reviews for Physical Chemistry

  1. Vivek Gautam

    Class room notes, an insightful book into teaching methodology.

  2. Aditya Tiwari

    I have bought a lot of books for NEET prep, these notes were worth the cost. I would quote- ‘gaagar mein saagar’

  3. Nirmal Jain

    I suggest this book to almost everyone. I have taken coaching in delhi for one year. All those concepts taught there are already written here

  4. Nirmal Jain

    This Handwritten Note is very useful for NEET Students ….I Like it

  5. Nirmal Jain

    Hats off to you guys, what a nice way to sell notes, never have ever seen a notes book in my life so well binded and indexed.

  6. Nirmal Jain

    It is very helpful for crack neet/aiims exam

  7. Nirmal Jain

    This book is good for starters , well explained the fundamentals of it. Considering the other books i feel better this one. Give a try perception differs from each.

  8. Nirmal Jain

    Excellent material to understand the concepts from basics.

  9. Nirmal Jain

    You need to have patience to study and also memorising may be a problem. But Notes is good. So much information

  10. Nirmal Jain

    I have found best study material on this website thanks

  11. Nirmal Jain

    Very Clean and Understanding Notes

  12. Nirmal Jain

    I Found Soft Copy Only your website with law price thanks

  13. Nirmal Jain

    All notes soft copy price rate half of hard copy price. Nice

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